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"Compassionate leaders honour the complexity of human relationships, nurture authenticity and create common grounds for blooming great ideas of individuals. ~Amit Ray (Mindfulness for Corporate Leadership & Management)

In the past, soft skills have never taken center stage in the business world. But as our world changes, the priorities of those in management and leadership positions are also changing.

This past year has taught us that soft skills such as compassionate communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, and creativity are needed to balance the workplace's hard skills-driven environment.

Having a compassionate leader means they genuinely care for the members of their team. They are interested in creating common ground, bringing out the very best in others, encouraging teamwork and the opportunity for ideas to flourish. Wow! Doesn't that sound like a place you want to work?

Leading from the ivory tower with fear and intimidation is an outdated leadership style. These kinds of companies will tell you that compassion doesn't belong in the workplace. Don't bring your tissues to work. There's no tissue for your issues.

However, there is a movement towards flipping the pyramid-style leadership. Companies are moving towards a more compassionate, inclusive and positive atmosphere. You can choose to be a forward-thinking leader or stay the same. Either way, this is the future.

  Posted: Mon Apr 19th 2021 12:00pm  2 months ago

Workplace Training

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