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Pitching to Investors

We all work towards being ready to pitch to investors, this is your chance to get investors interested in your company. It’s not just about the amazing pitch-deck you created, it’s also about confidence.

We all need it and most of us want to figure out how to get more of it. Learning how to be “water off a duck's back” is easier when you have a few tools in your fabulous handbag.

The Story

They told me I’m scattered and I don’t know what I’m doing. I should get a job. This happened to my client.

She met with an intake coordinator for a Tech Program that matches mentors with Tech companies.

During the intake process this mentor criticized my clients original mentor (just to give some perspective, this original mentor had grown his company to the worth of over a 100 million dollars. I think he might have some good mentoring ideas, but hey, maybe that’s just me).

This intake person, was a retired Marketing Company owner (his company was worth 20 million, but was unable to sustain it) he proceeded to tell my client that her original mentor took too many risks and made too many mistakes while he was on his way to a 100 MILLION?

He continued telling her that she was too much of a visionary, too scattered and didn’t know what she was doing. He wrapped it up telling her she should just get a job, it would be easier.

Rejection, right?

Okay so let’s break it down… you have a Tech Mentor worth 100 million telling you that you have a great vision and keep going, oh and I will buy shares in your company. (exactly the kind of mentor that you want).

This is where you have a choice to make. Are you going to let some piss ant small thinker (who only made 20 million and lost it) tell you that you should give up and get a job? Hell, no.

She was feeling horrible

My client was devastated by this event, it took her a few sessions to move past the feeling of stress, anxiety, self- doubt, insecurity, guilt and many unidentified roller coaster emotions.

She thrives, and she is super successful, and doesn't let anything stop her.

The Lesson

The whole lesson around rejection is this, when you are pitching to investors or telling friends about your business, remember it’s one opinion, and you get to decide whose opinion is going to matter to you.

Yes, it's hard to get rejected, but it's only a small part of a bigger picture (always remember where you are headed).

You get to decide whether you'll be a 20 million or 100 billion dollar company, if you limit yourself then that is exactly where you will end up. (20 million dollar woman criticizing a 100 million dollar woman or a 100 million dollar woman who could care less about the opinions of others).

Happiness Re-design

Here is one of the strategies I use with my clients when the opinions of others are getting the better of them.

This original idea came from something that Brene Brown talked about in one of her speeches. I have taken this idea and made it a little bigger to expand from personal into business.

Find a small post it note (1x1) on this post it note you are going to write down the people whose opinion matters to you when it comes to your Business.

Think about this, it should actually be a very short list. (it's very important to keep this list small) When it's complete, fold it up and put it in your wallet.

Do this for your personal life too. This list will be short too, like one to four people. Fold it up in your wallet too.

Now when life happens and you are getting an opinion from someone about something that annoys you, makes you upset or mad I want you to check your list (either personal or business, depending on the situation).

If you don’t see their name on your list, guess what? Their opinion doesn’t matter to you.

It's a visual reminder to continue on your own path and to not let the people's opinions who didn't make your list affect your ability to move forward and succeed.

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Ohhh Deborah, I had to write this down, with gratitude, love, and an opened heart. Yes, I felt and feel a shift in my awareness and responses, almost immediately after our session -Sue S.