Case Study

Growing A Business

We know what’s it’s like ……. Things are moving fast. I have to work on my business not only in my business.

I have to get sales, I have to make revenue, I have to keep clients happy. I have to negotiate deals. Wow, and that’s only half of it, right? We understand.

The Story

One of my clients is like superwoman when it comes to her business. She is young, vibrant and full of magical marketing ideas.

Things were always super busy, and then it happened. A terrible fall, had her out more than 5 weeks with a major concussion.

This was debilitating, not only for her personally but also for her business.

This client kept everything in her head, when I say everything, I mean it. She lost customers, her team didn't know what to do, they spent hours trying to figure out how she did things.

Chaos, right?

These are the kind of moments we all dread as an entrepreneur, being sick or in an accident. In most cases at the beginning, you are your company.

Then you start to add staff and contractors, you're growing and unless you can clone yourself (the secret wish of all women, because we are fabulous) things may not happen as they are supposed to. Don’t worry we have some great game changers!

She was feeling Horrible

This not only devastated my client but it derailed her life…

She had some memory problems, was getting confused and she was unable to work, she started to lose her confidence and felt totally overwhelmed.

How was she ever going to get it all back?

We all have had times where we have lost our confidence and feel overwhelmed (hopefully you never have to add a physical problem to your already heavy load).

What happened from there? She had to set different priorities, one of was to get all the information she had in her head, get in down some where.

So she could figure out a way to set up her business so that if anything happened or someone needed to know how to do something they could find out how to do it.

The Lesson

The lesson is to take the time to set up your processes, it is the best thing you can do.

If you say that everything is a priority, I agree, however there’s ways to manage each priority.

We can do this so you're not laying on the ground with your face in the mud at the end of everything, you’re bright eyed and ready to be the cupcake in a muffin world!

The Happiness Redesign

The strategy we used to solve this was prioritizing.

Let’s get the priorities listed. When you have them listed I want you to separate them into 3 categories-

  • Needs a template
  • Needs a use case
  • Needs both

What this did for my client’s business was amazing as they have doubled their staff and contractors because everything runs on a system that allows continuity all through their business.

When you have a place that any of your staff or contractors can go to learn how to do things through a use case or use a specific template, you now have everyone using their time in the most efficient and cost effective way.

What will you do with all your spare time?

  Posted: Thu Oct 31st 2019 11:55pm  2 years ago

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