Happiness Designer

Hey Hey It's Deborah, the Happiness Designer!!!

I absolutely love creating beautiful interiors. I am talking about your interior self, how we feel about who we are and the life we are creating.

I work with Mindfulness Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. A mouthful, right? Let me break it down a little bit for you.

For the last 25+ years these are some of the therapies that I use:

  • mindfulness
  • motivational self-talk
  • visualization
  • adaptive coping strategies
  • goal setting
  • collaborative action plans (homework)
  • emotional regulation
  • developing practical and positive emotional and behavioral skills (coping skills)
  • And some fairy dust. (always fairy dust!)

I decided to put all of this together to create The Happiness Blueprint. We will create a specialized cheat sheet for each individual to navigate life, everything from life's stress, organizing/prioritizing work and family life, all while creating happiness along the way!

Interested? But you would like to get to know me a little better, I have the perfect solution. Join the 10 Day Happiness Challenge! Its super fun, so easy you can incorporate it into your daily life, and it's Free. However the value is Priceless! Come on, Get Happy…

10 day challenge

  Posted: Wed Nov 20th 2019 9:35pm  a year ago

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I have referred many people to Deb over the years and they all say the same. I think of Deb as my living guardian angel and I touch base with her regularly. She is truly a gifted and wonderful woman, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life -Natalie Stokner