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There was a recent article about a woman who used fertility coaching to help her conceive, specifically it was Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Fertility Coaching, Can it help women conceive?

Healing Heart Wellness has very similar philosophies to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

  • Having awareness around where our belief systems come from is a great stepping stone to self- discovery.
  • Learning and knowing about yourself allows you to embrace life exactly where you are right now.

A Healing Heart Session takes it a step further and assists in immediate shifting of any beliefs that hold you back from knowing your true self.

As a coach and healer I help you align your feelings with your personal destiny, which gives you a deeper purpose and meaning to your life.

If you are not living a fulfilled life and you struggle with stress, anxiety and overwhelm then you are a perfect person to have a Healing Heart session, invest in yourself today by filling out our intake form for a Complimentary Session

  Posted: Fri Mar 6th 2015 10:52pm  6 years ago

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The positive vibe I have when I'm around Deb and in her presence is incredible. Whether you're looking for someone to help you find yourself or looking to connect with someone on the other side, she will be able to do it! I love working with her and her energy is just simply wonderful. -Laura R.