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Intuition is not a mysterious gut feeling but actually about discovering and knowing yourself. This workshop will teach you how to find meaning, feel successful, and attract the things in your life you really want through harnessing your intuition.

Once you have awareness around how expansive intuition is, and how it is weaved into every fibre of our being, then you can go on to learn how to harness it. This is where the juicy stuff is, being able to unlock the keys to use your intuition every day and get the life you want!


Workshop Details:

  • All workshops will be from noon to 1pm.
  • Week 1 - Thurs, Aug 4 - Intuition through visualization
  • Week 2 - Thurs, Aug 11 - Intuition through self-contemplation
  • Week 3 - Thurs, Aug 18 - Intuition through inspiration
  • Week 4 - Thurs, Aug 25 - Intuition through self-sabotage
  • Week 5 - Thurs, Sept 8 - Intuition through color exploration
  • Week 6 - Thurs Sept 15 - Q & A. Ask Deborah any question.

After registration you will receive a link to access the online workshop.

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I have been a client of Deb's for 6 years. In the first meeting with Deb, I was amazed by her healing and mediumship abilities. She is a very warm, sweet and down to earth person. She makes anyone feel welcome and safe. -Natalie S.