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In Chinese mythology, Dragon’s Gate is a magic place at the top of the waterfall. The carp that can rise high enough from the water below to jump through it will become a beautiful dragon. So keep carping until you can rise above your unhappy place.

The best things in life

When things in our life are going well, we are happy and life seems easier, but sometimes when we are experiencing the dark times and things are not going well, life feels hard.

It is sometimes hard to know how to get out of the funk. It is these exact things that we need to know about ourselves that can be the difference maker. Take time when you are in a good place, happy and satisfied with how your life is going and start creating a box so that you can keep “carping” towards the life you want to be living.

When this happens there are less and less dark days and more days of happiness and a true sense of inner satisfaction. This box should have things that make you happy, that remind you how loved you are.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started creating a “box, underneath your bed”;

  • A CD filled with music that makes you want to dance!
  • A card from someone special.
  • A picture of you when you were little.
  • A picture of yourself that you love. (We all have at least one in our lifetime!)
  • A favorite poem/ book/ quote
  • Something that makes you smile.
  • Something that makes you laugh. Really hard, maybe a song, a picture, a story!
  • Make a list of the great things about your life.
  • Make a list of all the people you love.
  • Have a person to call.
  • Add your bucket list.
  • Add a fortune cookie.
  • A mirror
  • Angel/Animal Totem cards
  • Anything that lifts your spirits and makes you feel better!

Shift your thinking

The one person we can always count on in our life is our self. It’s usually nice when someone tries to cheer us up but most of the time we retreat and avoid people when we feel down. The “box” is a way for each of us to use as a plan b.

We all would like to feel happy every day and for a lot we do but on those days when we feel blue, we have a place to go that will help us shift our thinking and change our perspective about where we are in life that day.

Allow yourself permission to feel what you are feeling and then move through it, remembering happier times and keep on Carping!!!!

“There is a rainbow in you stronger than steel” - Megan Doherty

  Posted: Thu Aug 18th 2016 5:59pm  5 years ago

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And a few things I could shift and improve. Mostly – the challenge was super fun! After day four, I was totally hooked and found myself eagerly looking forward to my daily email. -Marina G.