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We All Like the Good Things About Ourselves

I mean, what’s not to like? We're smart, funny, loving, thoughtful, compassionate, the list goes on, and the good things are unlimited. Where it gets tricky is to not only look at the things we don’t particularly like about ourselves but then taking it a step further, and accepting them.

For every good thing about us, there is, if you look, the opposite: for example; good/bad, yin/yang, positive/negative, light/dark, masculine/feminine.

Let’s look at the Low/High range:

Low, Dark, Negative, Closed ——————— High, Light, Positive, Open

Emotions and feelings work the same as highs/lows, light/dark, etc.

The Opposite End of the Spectrum

Once you have completed the Knowing Yourself Exercise, the things you like about yourself, we get to the really exciting part. For all the good things about us we all have the capacity to go to the opposite end of the spectrum. When we do this exercise it is important to remember that these actions are “what we do, does not make us who we are”. When we are centred we are the best of whom we really are.

When we discover the things we deemed “bad” or less than "likeable” about ourselves, we tend to not want to acknowledge that we can be that way.

These qualities are there to remind us that something has triggered us and we have gotten off center and how we react is completely up to us.

Sometimes We React and Show Our Dark Side

We would all like to react to every situation centered (sharing the best of ourselves). But life isn’t always like that, sometimes we just react and in that moment we are off-centered, we show whomever is on the other side the complete end of the full spectrum. This feels like complete darkness, but in that moment that’s what happened. It hit the fan! (This is a family course so you can find your own descriptive word for what happened).

So now what do you do? You're mad, and now mostly at yourself for your reaction. This happens to the best of us, so now let’s get some tools for you to acknowledge where it went sideways and to help you understand yourself and what you can do better with this new information.

Accept the Good and Bad in Ourselves

We all do the best we can with what we know, and when we know more, we do better. The next step is to acknowledge and accept that we all have great things about us and all those great things have an opposite… and sometimes we go there too. The most important thing you should remember in every situation, is that what we do is not who we are. Give yourself a break while you are still learning about yourself, love the great things about yourself and learn to accept the things that are opposite of that and your life will be a lot easier.

  • Fun — Boring
  • Smart — Dumb
  • Energetic — Lazy
  • Kind — Mean
  • Thoughtful — Self-Centered

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  Posted: Tue Sep 6th 2016 11:34pm  5 years ago

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I started getting migraines at the age of 16 and they haven’t let up yet, they have changed over the years in intensity and duration but have always been around. I have been searching for 32 years for the cause/reason. I do believe I have found the reason [through Deb's guidance]……it is truly amazing to me the power of belief!! -Laurel M.