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We were given the ability and capacity to live life to the fullest, to feel the full range of our emotions. When we honour all our feelings, we have the full human experience. When you look around you will find that there are some people who live in the no risk/safe zone. What this means is that they don’t get too down about life, but they also don’t get too excited about it either, they live in a world that feels safe to them, humdrum, they don’t take any unnecessary risks which also means that there are very few rewards.

To truly have the full life experience, we have the capacity to go to both ends of the spectrum. You cannot know happiness without knowing sorrow, so the more we work we do moving towards happiness and knowing ourselves, the less time we spend at the low end of the spectrum. This doesn’t mean that you never go there, or we never get down about things, it just means that when we do we realize, we don’t want to spend too much time there and you have worked on yourself enough to know how to get out and get back to the happiness end of the spectrum.

Learn to Love Yourself First

Taking risks is a part of life, when we put ourselves out into the world we are inviting others, to see us as we truly are. Sharing our god given gifts with others is part of the journey. We all have experienced fear of this, fear of being judged or criticized for what we think is who we are. However, we are the first in line to judge and criticize ourselves, before anyone else could have a chance. So when others do it, it isn’t anything we already haven’t told ourselves, and we still can’t believe they did it. This is why it is so important for us to know ourselves, and this means everything, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

When we know ourselves, we stop criticizing and judging, we then can concentrate on having confidence, in who we are. This allows us to feel safe about sharing our gifts of who we are, with the world. A funny thing happens along the way, when you accept yourself, and so does the world. When we no longer need others approval, you will have it. It always nice to be appreciated by someone, start with yourself, appreciate you and all the great things that your soul is and you will find the happiness you seek. Life is a process of discovery, the more you discover the more life you have.

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  Posted: Tue Sep 13th 2016 11:49pm  5 years ago

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Deb has helped me through many hard times in my life and has celebrated many good times in my life as well. I have received many messages from my loved ones on the other side through Deb. -Natalie Stokner