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Have you ever heard someone say the phrase 'gut feeling'? Do you wonder how many times you would have had a different outcome if you would have gone with the feeling in your gut? Well, that feeling is a little thing called your intuition. Intuition is something that comes naturally and if the moment passes, you may never get the chance again. If you’re not a go-with-your-gut type of person, how many missed opportunities have you had in your lifetime? Have you ever wondered what highly intuitive people do differently? Keep reading and you can find out.

First, try to remember that we are all born with intuition. It’s there, whether we choose to follow it or not. The Huffington Post published an article that identified 10 things highly intuitive people do differently. At the end of the day, highly intuitive people are more in-tune with themselves. They tend to go with their gut without even a second thought. We often find ourselves not following what our gut and heart are telling us to do and that is what ultimately sets the non-intuitive apart from the intuitive at the end of the day.

Psychologytoday.com published an article that aims to serve as a guide to following your intuition. It even offers a step-by-step exercise to practice making decisions based on your gut, or your intuition. The article is informative and really helps the reader process the purpose of using your intuition. If you are looking for concrete strategies and multiple ways to tap into your intuition, nextavenue.org has 6 techniques that are sure to spark your creative juices.

  Posted: Wed Apr 5th 2017 5:52am  4 years ago

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I enjoyed the session immensely! It took me until yesterday to realize that I have not had any headaches for the last 6 days….which for me is amazing!! -Laurel M.