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There is no question that at times, for a woman, it can truly feel like this is a “man’s world”. There are so many women who would make strong business leaders and/or entrepreneurs in this world, but they are overshadowed by powerful men. Why is this happening? Did you know that as of 2016, more women earned at least an associate’s degree than our male counterparts? There was a whopping 11% gap. In the same token, women make about 70 cents to the dollar men are earning. Women are not climbing the corporate ladder at the same rate as men. Here are 4 “tried and true” ways to help women thrive in a male-dominated world.

Make Sure Every Woman’s Voice is Heard

It’s called amplification. President Obama had female staffers that used “amplification” as a way to support female counterparts. As women, we are all in this together. If a female counterpart has a great idea, but is too quiet to bring it to light, help her find her voice. Speak out with her, and help boost the confidence needed to speak out the next time around.

Create Your Own Ladder

We hear of people climbing the ladder all the time. Well, if you have a ladder, it’s time to start pulling the women of the world to the top with you. Allow them into your circle. Introduce them to those around you and get them involved in your business community.

Shareable Social Media

Set your mentees up for success by posting items that women will find beneficial to grow the mindset of their own social media network. Most women have several women friends on their social media accounts. What better way to reach millions of women each day and inspire them? This is a great way to help women empower women to find their voices.

Become a Coach

Sure, it takes a lot of time, but how fulfilling would it be to know you are helping other women become strong, self-sufficient entrepreneurs? Building relationships can be time-consuming, but it can also be very beneficial to you and the future of your business. How will your business thrive in the future if you do not have the right people under your wings?

Let’s start today! Identify these women, expose them to high quality professional development, and get them involved.

  Posted: Tue May 2nd 2017 8:19pm  4 years ago

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