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Dr Irene Estay Registered Psychologist Dr. Estay worked in the field of Rehabilitation Psychology for 32 years. She managed Professional Resources for Calgary Community Board; she is an Adjunct Professor for the Applied Psychology Department and Campus Alberta at the University of Calgary.

She has taught at Phoenix University, Mount Royal College and Meritus University. She has done extensive studies in the areas of Self-Esteem, Peak Performance and Psychology of Achievement. She has trained in these topics for several years with Jack Canfield well know writer, author from the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series.

In 1995 she created the organization Openings, which provided learning opportunities for women in the areas of self-esteem and life accomplishments. In 2008 the program became part of Calgary Family Services and was run in conjunction with CARE Society.

Dr Estay is also an author, in her book : Here I am Lessons Learned, The principles that she teaches in her seminars allowed her to redirect her journey to find an overall sense of joy and wellness.

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The positive vibe I have when I'm around Deb and in her presence is incredible. Whether you're looking for someone to help you find yourself or looking to connect with someone on the other side, she will be able to do it! I love working with her and her energy is just simply wonderful. -Laura R.