Going Inward- Knowing Your Strengths

Before you can fix anything or anyone, you need to know yourself. So, do you? What motivates you? What are your talents, strengths or weaknesses?

The Going Inward Knowing Your Strengths Module will help you fixate on your strengths, not your weaknesses. We give you your road map, identify all the elements of your personality, traits, strengths and opportunities.

90-Minute Module

This 90-minute module, we unpack the elements of all personality aspects, groups, and types. Find out who you are and leave with a sense of self-awareness, and create a vision board for the future

The objectives are

  • Complete a full self-assessment and receive a full profile.
  • List of the five personality aspects of four groups of people and the 16-personality types.
  • Identify your top talents.
  • Make a list of what talents you are not maximizing and how to go about using this tool in your life.
  • Identify your top talents and what one opportunity you could spend a little more time on.
  • Create a vision board for your life.

Workplace Training

Counselling & Coaching

Happiness Challenges

And what I would do with that day.Thank you Deborah for putting this together – making it so easy and accessible. And most of all for making it fun and meaningful. -Marina G.