Thriving in Chaos & Uncertainty

In 2020, the world entered into a state of limbo, changes in our own and our co-workers lives have been tremendous. The Thriving In Chaos & Uncertainty Module helps managers understand how they can support their teams through these chaotic and uncertain times.

75-Minute Module

This 75-minute module, we explore how the mind works regarding the loss of normalcyy, how it affects human behaviour, workplace productivity and what leaders can do to support their employees with resilience and capacity building.

The objectives are

  • 1. Understanding how chaos and uncertainty affect the workplace
  • 2. How the effects of grief, anxiety and loss of normalcy impact the workplace
  • 3. Provide managers and leaders with the capabilities to understand different stages of moving through chaos and uncertainty
  • 4. Introduction of a personal wellness self-assessment for managers & leaders
  • 5. Exercises and knowledge to support employees through the recovery and coping process
  • 6. Tools and practical exercises for managers and leaders to lead their teams through capacity building

Workplace Training

Counselling & Coaching

Happiness Challenges

I didn’t really know what to expect…I had never participated in an online multi-day challenge before but I was up for ‘more happiness’ – who wouldn’t be?! And that’s exactly what happened! -Marina G.